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Microservices Architecture

The Course Overview
Definition of Microservices
Driving Forces and Conway's Law
Coupling and Cohesion
Domain-Driven Design
Exploring Our Sample Project
Spinning Up Our First Microservice
Continuous Integration Using AWS CodeBuild
Automated Deployment Using AWS CodeDeploy
Continuous Delivery Using AWS CodePipeline
Best Practices for CI/CD
Integration Methods
Adding a gRPC Interface to Our Service
Building Up Our Second Async Microservice
Best Practices for Monitoring and Logging
Monitoring Using AWS CloudWatch
Scaling and Load Balancing
Service Discovery
Using AWS EC2 Auto-Scaling
Service Mesh Versus API Gateway
Introduction to Serverless Computing
Leveraging AWS Lambda
Development Lifecycle of Serverless Applications
Caveats of the Serverless Model
Microservices Design and Boundaries
Operations in a Microservices Environment
Polyglot Programming and Persistence
Moving from a Monolith to Microservices
Considerations for a Microservices Architecture
Microservices at Netflix
Microservices at Gilt

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