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MERN Stack – The Complete Guide

Getting Started :
What Is the MERN Stack?
Final App Preview
What You'll Need for This Course

Working with React + Next.js :
Getting Starting Files
Intro to Next.js, Project Structure
Create App Layout, Build Header
Get Route Data from useRouter Hook, Create Active Links
Visualize Route Changes with Progress Bar

Creating API with Node + Express :
Intro to Node + Express with API Routes
Fetching Data on the Server with getInitialProps

Using MongoDB with Atlas :
Configure Mongo Atlas, Connect to Database
Create Products Collection, Model Product Data
Build Product Cards, Make Components Responsive

Fetching App Data from API :
Get Product By Id
Style Product Detail Page
Base Url Helper

Adding CRUD Functionality, Uploading Image Files :
Delete Product
Create Product Form
Upload Product Image, Post Product

Handling Errors on the Client + Server :
Prevent, Catch Errors on Client, Server
Structure Cart Page

Authenticating Users with JWT + Cookies :
Build Login, Signup Forms
Model User, Signup User with JWT + Cookies
Validate Post Content on Server
Add Login Functionality
Create User Cart Upon Signup

Authorization and Protecting Content :
Get Current User from Token, Protect Auth Routes
Handle Invalid Auth Tokens
Logout User, Protect Admin Routes, Hide Protected Content
Universal Logout using LocalStorage

Cart Management and Checkout :
Fetch User Cart
Add Products to Cart
Style Cart Products. Calculate Total
Removing Cart Products
Checkout Customer Carts

Pagination + Managing User Roles :
Add Pagination for Product List
Create Account Header, Order History
Create Root User, Add User Permissions
Change User Roles, Permissions

Polishing our App :
Sorting in Mongoose, MongoDB
Formatting Dates
Cascade Delete upon Document Removal

Live Deployment :
Deployment + Aliasing with Now