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PacktPub Mastering Wireshark 3 – Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Customization of Wireshark:
The Course Overview
Installation and Customization
Preferences and Profiles
Overview of GUI
Colorizing Traffic
Wireshark Requirements and Platforms

Using Wireshark for Capturing and Examining Traffic:
Sources of Packet Captures
Capturing Packets
View Settings and Saving Packet Captures
Capture Filters
Time Values and Summaries
Trace File Statistics
Expert System Usage

Examining and Analyzing Traffic Analysis:
Display Filters
Display Filter Macros
Display Filter Expression
Conversation Filter
Exporting Captures

Analyzing Network Protocols:
Follow Protocol Streams
Reviewing Statistics
Telephony and Wireless
UDP Overview and Analysis
TCP Overview and Analysis
Graph I/O Rates and TCP Trends

Analyzing Application Protocols:
DHCP Analysis
HTTP Analysis
FTP Analysis
VoIP Analysis
Sample Traffic Captures

Wireshark Command-Line Tools:
Why Use the Command-Line
Wireshark from Command-Line
Running TShark
Running Dumpcap
Running TShark with PowerShell

Expanding and Troubleshooting Wireshark:
Choosing What to Capture
Capture Scenario
Analyzing Scenario Traffic
Capturing Options
Optional Plugins

Expanding Wireshark:
Using Mirror (SPAN) Ports on Cisco Devices
Prerequisites for Cisco Packet Capture
Using Cisco Packet Capture
Wireshark Plugins and API
Analyzing Networking Traffic Using the PyShark Library