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Mastering TypeScript – Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Sample Application Overview
Compiling TypeScript in the Sample Application
Avoiding the any Type
Implicit or Explicit Types
Being Aware of Structural Typing
Type Composition
object Type
Getting Specific with Literal Types
Mapped Types for Greater Flexibility
never Type
Representing Data Objects
Reducing Mistakes While Being Implicit
Getting Serious with Strict Null Checks
Compiler Options for Added Support
Enforcing Rules and Coding Standards
Verification with Syntax Tree Navigation
Introduction: Before Moving
Class-Like Pre-ES6 Patterns to TypeScript
Class-Like Pre-ES6 Patterns to TypeScript (Continued)
Static Class-Like Patterns in TypeScript
Shortening a Class with Parameter Properties
When to Use Arrow Function Properties
Assert and Guard
Making the Most of Type Guarding
Multiple Function Signatures
Rest and Spread
Extending Built-In Types
Code Refactoring
Making the Most of let and const
Working with Strings
Const Enums Versus Enums
Moving to ES6 Modules
Definition Files
Writing a Definition File
Static Typing JavaScript Libraries on the Run
Downloading and Managing Definition Files
Included Definition Files
Introduction to Generators
Improving Performance and Efficiency with Generators
Easier Asynchronous Code with Async/Await
Harnessing the Power of Decorators
Advanced Decorators

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