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Mastering Puppet for Large Infrastructures

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Introducing Puppet and Terms Associated with Puppet
Puppet Code, Puppet Servers, and Environments
More about Puppet Servers and Environments
Git Control Repositories and r10K
Creating a Puppet Server Machine from Scratch
Expanding on Our Standalone Puppet CA Machine
Enterprise Configuration - Master of Master(MOM)
Performance Tuning with Puppet Server
Understanding Storeconfigs and PuppetDB
Exported Resources
PuppetDB’s GUI
PuppetDB’s API
Public Modules
Creating Our Own Custom Facts
Running Our Own Custom Types
Using Heira
Using the ‘ensure => absent’
Setting Up Puppet for Reporting
Foreman Reporter with Our Puppet Installation
PuppetDB to Store Reports
Using Report Processors to Monitor Systems
How to Check the Syntax of Our Code?
Using rspec-puppet to Create Tests for Our Code
Test Kitchen
SSL Certificates
Metaparameters and Ordering
Using PRY to Inspect the Puppet Server
Puppet Best Practices

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