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PacktPub Mastering Puppet 6 for Large Infrastructures – Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
Course Overview
Puppet Review and Puppet Terms
Puppet Code, Servers, and Environments
More About Puppet Servers and Environments
Source Control with Git and r10k

Architecting Puppet for Scalability, Redundancy, and Performance:
Creating a Puppet Server Machine from Scratch
Expanding on a Standalone Puppet Machine
Enterprise Configuration
Performance Tuning the Puppet Server

Amazon Web Services and Puppet
Provisioning Puppet in Digital Ocean
Puppet Virtualization with VMware
Use Oracle VirtualBox with Puppet

Puppet Reporting:
Configuring Puppet for Reporting
Foreman Reporting
PuppetDB Configuration for Reports

Using PuppetDB:
Understanding Storeconfigs and the PuppetDB
Exported Resources
PuppetDB's GUI
PuppetDB API

Extending Puppet Functionalities:
Public Modules
Creating Facts
Running Custom Types
Using Hiera
Using the 'absent' Modifier

Puppet Testing and Troubleshooting:
Testing and Troubleshooting
Using rspec-puppet for Testing Code
Using Beaker
Test Kitchen
SSL Certificates
Metaparameters and Ordering
Inspecting the Puppet Server with PRY

Puppet Enterprise:
Differences between Puppet Enterprise and Open Source Puppet
Job Orchestration
Using the Code Manager
Enabling the Tools Repository
Razor Tasks