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Mastering Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers

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The Course Overview
CI with Jenkins and Disaster Recovery Strategies
Security Groups and Container-to-Container Security
Resource Limitations in PCF
Exploring the PCF Log Aggregator
Auto-Scaling Apps and the Cloud Foundry SDK
Route, Volume, and User-Provided Services
Achieve a Blue-Green Deployment
Cloud Controller and the CF API
Route Traffic with CF Gorouter
The Garden Container
The Diego Brain and Allocation of Resources
The Internal PCF OAuth 2.0 Auth Server (UAA)
Understanding, Provisioning and Configuring the Config Server
Creating and Manipulating the Discovery Server
Constructing the Circuit-Breaker Dashboard
Understanding Hystrix and Circuit- Breaker Pattern
Bootstrapping the Microservices to Connect to the Supporting Services
Deploying the Microservices to PCF Using a Manifest
Config, Discovery and Circuit-Breaker Dashboards
Spring Boot Actuator and Refreshing Properties

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