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Mastering Node.js 12.x

The Course Overview
The Event Loop
Mastering Promises
Using Util.promisify
Learning async/await
Introduction to Functional Programming
Replacing for Loops with forEach
Filtering Arrays
Map and Reduce
Introduction to Streams with RxJS
Working with Observables
Creating a Controller with Express.Router
Creating a Service
Essential Middleware
Model Validation
Handling and Reporting Errors
Install and run MySQL
Installing Sequelize
Creating Sequelize Models
Utilizing Migrations
Finishing the Service
The Database per Service Pattern
Managing Processes with PM2
Communicating using REST
Communicating using AMQP
CQRS and Event Sourcing
Designing an API Gateway
Creating a User Model
Password Hashing
Introduction to JSON Web Tokens
The Sign-Up Endpoint
The Sign-In Endpoint
Installing Passport
Authentication Middleware
Introduction to Redis
Connecting to Redis
Creating a Caching Service
Invalidating the Cache