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Mastering Kali Linux Network Scanning

The Course Overview
Preparing Your Network Scanning Maching
Validating Network Connectivity
Updating Kali Software Packages
Adding a Non-Root User to Kali
Creating a System Inventory Using Nmap
Identifying Open Ports and Services on Systems
Finding and Remediating System Vulnerabilities
Monitoring Nmap Scans Using Verbose Logging
Acquiring Permission to Conduct Network Scanning
Finding Live Hosts on the Network
Specifying Port Ranges to Make Scans More Efficient
Nmap Output Formats
Using Nmap Scripts for Automating Network Scanning
Sparta and Eyewitness
Installing and Running OpenVAS in Kali
Basic Scanning with OpenVAS
Advanced Scanning with OpenVAS
Enumerating Websites
Using Nikto to Find Web-Based Vulnerabilities
Discovering Hidden Files and Folders
Finding Website Vulnerabilities with Burp