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Mastering ElasticSearch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1: Introduction to ElasticSearch :
Introducing Apache Lucene
Introducing ElasticSearch

Chapter 2: Power User Query DSL :
Default Apache Lucene scoring explained
Query rewrite explained
Bulk Operations
Sorting data
Update API
Using filters to optimize your queries
Filter and scopes in ElasticSearch faceting mechanism

Chapter 3: Low-level Index Control :
Altering Apache Lucene scoring
Similarity model configuration
Using codecs
NRT, flush, refresh, and transaction log
Looking deeper into data handling
Segment merging under control

Chapter 4: Index Distribution Architecture :
Choosing the right amount of shards and replicas
Routing explained
Altering the default shard allocation behavior
Adjusting shard allocation
Query execution preference
Using our knowledge

Chapter 5: ElasticSearch Administration :
Choosing the right directory implementation – the store module
Discovery configuration
Segments statistics
Understanding ElasticSearch caching

Chapter 6: Fighting with Fire :
Knowing the garbage collector
When it is too much for I/O – throttling explained
Speeding up queries using warmers
Very hot threads
Real-life scenarios

Chapter 7: Improving the User Search Experience :
Correcting user spelling mistakes
Improving query relevance

Chapter 8: ElasticSearch Java APIs :
Introducing the ElasticSearch Java API
The code
Connecting to your cluster
Anatomy of the API
CRUD operations
Querying ElasticSearch
Performing multiple actions
The explain API
Building JSON queries and documents
The administration API

Chapter 9: Developing ElasticSearch Plugins :
Creating the Apache Maven project structure
Creating a custom river plugin
Creating custom analysis plugin