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Mastering ElasticSearch 6.x and the Elastic Stack

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Overview of a Final Working Solution – This Is What We're Working Towards
Install and Configure Elasticsearch
Install and Configure Kibana
Enable Monitoring via X-Pack for Elasticsearch and Kibana
Loading Example Data in Elasticsearch
How Do We Store and Group Data – Documents
Specifying Document Attributes – Data Types
Classifying Similar Documents Types
Organizing and Grouping Documents Indexes
Give Me My Data Back – Searches
Kibana Is Huge – Let’s Take It Apart
Configuring Groups of Data for Querying – Index Patterns
Time Range Queries – Slicing and Dicing
Searches – Refining Queries to Find the Needle in the Haystack
Saving and Sharing – Let Your Friends Know What You Found
Logstash – Introduction
Visualizing Pipelines in Kibana
Process Documents with Filters
Get Data into Logstash as a Server
Working with Beats
Outputs – Where Else Can Data Go
Impress Your Boss with Charts and Graphs
Building a Heads Up Dashboard
Sharing Dashboards Recap
Use Kibana to Monitor the Health of Your Elastic Stack
Security – Provide Authentication and Authorization to Kibana
Graph – Use the Built in Graph Interface to Pivot Around Data
Machine Learning Is Hot, See How Elastic Facilitate0073
Application Perfromance Monitoring – APM
Application Performance Monitoring – APM (Continued)
Timelion – Time Series
Indexes, Shards, and Replicas
Adding Elasticsearch Nodes to increase query and indexing performance
Use Master Nodes to control the cluster
Master and Data Nodes – Sizing Your Cluster
SaaS offerings of Elasticsearch at AWS and Elastic Cloud

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