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Mastering D3.js 5

Making Reusable Chart Functions :
Introducing Function-Driven Chart Development
Functional Data-Fetching
Create a BuildChart Function
Create a BuildChart Function for a Pie Chart

Building Hierarchical Charts :
Building a Family Tree Using Treemap
Build a Budget Treemap Using Treemap Layout
Building a Sunburst Flavor Wheel

Manage On-Screen Objects with Enter-Update-Exit Pattern :
Updating Existing Objects with Update
Removing Elements
Grouping Elements for the D3 Advantage

Building Responsive Utilities and Charts :
Using a Resize Function for Chart Updating
Applying Responsive Patterns to a Bar Chart
Applying Responsive Patterns to a Pie Chart

Updating Multiple Connected Charts :
Introducing a Prepare and Update Pattern
Introducing Enter, Update, Exit Pattern to a Bar Chart
Introducing Enter, Update, Exit Pattern to a Pie Chart
Updating Pie and Bar Charts

Integrating Third Party APIs :
Updating Page Layout

Building a Map of the World :
Collecting Country Income Data and Merging with Country Data
Rendering a Map
Color-Coding a Map
Adding Interactivity to a Map

Adding an Interactive Legend to a World Map :
Adding Circles to the Legend
Updating Legend Items on Click
Updating Countries on Click