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PacktPub Master ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Pages

Video Introducing this tutorial

Live Preview
Evolution of core and advantages
Project 1 - Book List Demo
Project 2 - Spark Demo
Tools Needed

Fundamentals and Security:
Create New Project
Csproj file
Launchsettings. Json
Razor Pages
Pages Folder
Routing in Razor Pages
Tag Helpers
Action Result in Razor
Main Method
Startup 1
Startup 2
Dependency Injection

Project 1 - Book List Razor:
Runtime Razor Package
Create Book Model
Add Connection String and Packages
Add Book Table to Database
Book Index Get Handler
Designing Book Index Page
Designing Book Index Page Part 2
Create Book Page Model
Create Book Page UI
Create Book and Validations
Client Side Validations
Edit Book Get Handler
Edit Book UI
Edit Post Handler
Delete Book
Book Get API
Delete API Call
Delete Book
Upsert Page Handlers
Upsert Page UI

Project 2 – Spark:
Create New Project - Spark
Startup File and Previous Versions of ASP.NET Core
Layout Changes
Exploring New Files Part 1
Exploring New Files Part 2
Design Header and Footer

Service Type:
Add Service Model to Database
Add Index Razor Page
Index Get Handler
Background Image and css
Index Razor Page UI Part 1
Index Razor Page UI Part 2
Create Get Handler and Razor Page
Create Post Handler and Validations
Index Page Buttons and Partial View
Edit Get and Post Handler
Edit Razor Page UI
Assignment 1
Assignment 2

Register.cs changes with .NET Core 3.1
Add more properties to Users Table
Register Razor Page UI
Adding Roles to Website Part 1
Email Sender Error Resolution
Adding Roles to Website Part 2
New User Registration as Customer

User Index Get Handler
Users Index Razor Page UI
Paging Info Class
Page Link Custom Tag Helper Part 1
Page Link Custom Tag Helper Part 2
Page Link Custom Tag Helper Part 3
Page Link Custom Tag Helper Part 4
Search Criteria for Users Razor Page (UI)
Search Criteria for Users Page Model
Assignment 3
Assignment 4

Authorization and Social Login:
Authorization Part 2
Register Admin User Part 1
Register Admin User Part 2
Send Emails Part 1
Send Emails Part 2
Un-Comment Email Sender
Send Emails Part 3
Verify Email
Social Login Nuget
Facebook Login
External Login Razor Page Part 1
External Login Razor Page Part 2

Add Car Model
Car and Customer VM
Car Index Get Handler
Car Index Razor Page UI Part 1
Car Index Razor Page UI Part 2
Car Create Razor Page
Create Car Post Handler
Assignment - 5
Assignment - 6

Shopping Cart View Model
Service Header and Details Model
Car Service View Model
Add Buttons to Cars Index Page
Create Service Get Handler
Create Service Razor Page Part 1
Create Service Razor Page Part 2
Create Service Razor Page Part 3
Create Service Post Handler Part 1
Create Service Razor Page Part 4
Sweet Alert
Create Service Post Handlers Part 2
Service History Get Handler
Service History Razor Page
Service Details Get Handler
Service Details Razor Page

Bonus Section:
Css Designing
Authorization and Logo
Redirect on Login
User Profile GET and POST Handler
User Profile Razor Page
Two factor Authentication
View Component Class
View Component UI

Azure Deployment
Seed Database Part 1
Seed Database Part 2
Seed Database Part 3
Seed Database Part 4
Azure Deployment
Third Party Hostings