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PacktPub Linux Server Administration Made Easy with Hands-on Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview:
Course Overview

Building your Virtual Lab Environment:
Downloading ISO Images Easily
Creating a Virtual Install of the Fedora Server Using VirtualBox
Creating a Virtual Install of the Fedora Workstation Using VirtualBox

Working with the Linux CLI:
Exploring Linux Part I - Navigate through Linux Directories
Exploring Linux Part II - Basic File and Directory Operations
Making Fedora User Friendly
Working with the systemd & DNF Package Managers
Creating a Permanent Alias in Fedora Linux
Practice What You Learned

Bash Scripting:
Introduction to Bash Scripting
Linux Fedora Bash Scripting

Linux Server Management:
Installing Webmin
Installing and Configuring the Conky System Monitor

Linux Web Services:
Installing the Apache Web Server Using the Fedora Server

Network Services:
Configuring a Network Adapter (NIC) in Linux
Configuring a DHCP Server in Linux

File Services:
Configuring the Samba Server in Linux Using Webmin
Configuring the NFS Server in Linux

Linux Log Files:
Using Log Files in Linux

Monitoring Linux Performance:
Monitoring Linux Performance