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PacktPub Learning the Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI):
Course Overview
Spine and Leaf Architecture
ACI Fabric Components
Policy Driven Architectures

Let's Bring the ACI Fabric to Life:
Connecting an ACI Fabric Together
Building the Fabric from the ACI APIC
Fabric Inventory Hardware Membership
ACI APIC Web User Interface

Enabling Connectivity in ACI:
Interface Policy Groups, Profiles, and Policies
Switch Policies and Profiles
Fabric Domains and VLAN Pools
Configure Fabric Domains and VLAN Pools
Attachable Entity Profiles
Virtual Machine Manager Integration in ACI

Multi-Tenancy: ACI's Ultimate Weapon:
Fabric Tenants
Application Profiles and Endpoint Groups
Subjects, Filters, and Contracts
ACI Domains to Tenant Relationship

Secured Internal Connectivity In ACI:
ACI Tenant Networking
VRF and Bridge Domains
Inter and Intra Tenant Communications and Contract Interfaces

Secured External Connectivity with L3OUTs:
External L3OUT with BGP
External L3OUT with OSPF
Tenants to L3OUT: Part One
Tenants to L3OUT: Part Two
ACI As an External Transit Network

Layer 2 Through Layer 7 Service Insertion:
External L2OUT
Vlan Stitching
DHCP Services In ACI
L4-L7 Service Graph and Templates
Adding Routed Firewalls in ACI

Automation and Orchestration with ACI:
Rest API with ACI Toolkit
Automation with Python and the ACI Toolkit
Bulk ACI Tenant Automation using Python Loops
Working with ACI Command-Line Interface

ACI Management and Troubleshooting:
Understanding Faults and Health Scores
Working with Visibility and Troubleshooting
Maintenance Policies and Administration Rights
Fabric Backups and Restores
Out-Of-Band and In-Band Management Access