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Learning PowerShell 6

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Setting Up a Lab
Accessing the PowerShell Console and PowerShell ISE
Accessing and Updating the Help System
Finding and Running Cmdlets
Using the Help System and Protecting with -WhatIf and -Confirm
Working with PSProviders and PSDrives
Exploring File System Navigation and Manipulation
Working with the Registry Keys
Identifying Errors
Differentiating between Objects and Texts
Working with WMI and CIM Objects
Finding, Creating, and Using Variables
Passing Objects through the Pipeline
Diving into Queries and Expressions
Formatting for Efficiency
Using the Pipeline to Create a Report
Enhancing Your System Security
Running Cmdlets on a Remote Machine
Creating a Session on a Remote Machine
Connecting to Microsoft Online
Importing Cmdlets from a Remote System
Process of Script Development
Create a Script to Gather Data and Create a Report
Create a Script to Make a DHCP Reservation
Turn a Script into a Function
Creating Modules
Active Directory Administration with PowerShell
Microsoft Online Office 365 Administration with PowerShell
IIS Web Server Administration with PowerShell
Introduction to Desired State Configuration

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