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Learning Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Cloud Foundry: The Rudiments and Core Concepts :
The Course Overview
Setting Up Your Workspace
Navigating the PCF Console
Using the CF Command Line Interface to Interact with PCF
PCF Architecture, Orgs, and Spaces
Roles, Permissions and Marketplace Services
Application Monitoring, Logs, and Build Packs

Develop and Deploy a Web Service to PCF :
Provisioning a SQL Database from the PCF Marketplace
Using Eclipse to Create a New Spring Boot Application
Leveraging Auto Configuration to Bootstrap Your Application
Creating Your Application’s Manifest YAML File
Developing Our Web Service and Building it Using Gradle
Deploying Your Application to PCF Using the CF Command Line
Viewing the Final App and Testing with Postman

Develop and Deploy an Event-driven Micro Service to PCF :
Provisioning a RabbitMQ Message Broker from the PCF Marketplace
Developing the Producer and Consumer Applications with Spring Boot
How PCF Injects Properties into Your App for Auto Configuration
Building Your Application Using Maven
Deploying Your Application Using the CF Command Line Without a Manifest YAML File
Confirming Your Application Works by Viewing Messages in the RabbitMQ Dashboard

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