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Learning Path: Unity: Easy game development with Unity 5

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Unity 5: Creating the Game Environment
The Course Overview
Game Project Workflow
Game and Level Design
Creating the User Interface Objects
Laying Out the User Interface
Scripting the UI Controls
Testing and Editing the UI Functionality
Creating the Height Map
Painting the Terrain
Adding Grass and Trees
Creating Your Own Trees
Importing and Using Vegetation Objects
Preparing the Terrain for Water
Adding Surface Water
Adding Water Depth
Using Default Textures
Creating Your Own Textures

Chapter 2 : Unity 5 Level Design, Lighting, and Animation
The Course Overview
Exploring the Content
Materials and Textures
Shader Callibration
Creating Material and Textures
World of Transparency and Semitransparency
Gamma Correction
Importing Modular Meshes
First Person Control
Scene Set Up
Creating First Scene
Working with Prefabs
Fundamentals of Level Construction
Multi-Scene Editing
Creating the Terrain Object
Terrain Brushes
Terrain Shader
Adding Textures
Terrain Painting
Image Effects
Lighting a Scene
Reset Lighting
Global Illumination
Exploring Ambient Light
Area Lights
Real-Time Lighting
Building a Terrain
Texture Painting a Terrain
Adding Grass
Adding Effects
Configuring a Scene
Rotating the Sun Object
Coding a Rotation Script
Exploring the Sci-Fi Corridor Scene
Animation Planning
Explore the Animation Window
Using Animator
Animator Parameters
Fly-Through Animation
Importing the Animator Character
Working with Characters
Importing Character Animator from Unity Asset Pack
Configuring the Animator
Blend Trees
Completing the Animation

Chapter 3 : Unity 5 Game Development – Gameplay
The Course Overview
Anatomy of a Player Controller
Working with Joints
Unity’s Navigation System
Working with Navigation Meshes
Path finding
Implementing Animations
Creating Animation Clips
Creating Objects Natively
Polishing Game Objects
Importing Game Objects
Using Assets in Your Game
Scripting Basics
Adding Scripts to Your Game
Testing Overview
Debugging Your Game