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Learning Path: The Road to Elasticsearch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Elastic Stack
The Course Overview
The Elastic Family
Making Sense of Your Data
Installing and Starting Elasticsearch
Installing and Starting Logstash and Kibana
Basic Concepts of Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch APIs
Query DSL and Mapping
Aggregations Using Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Analyzers
Scripting in Elasticsearch
Stashing with Logstash
Logstash Plugins
APIs for Logstash
Building Kibana Interface
Visualizing Data with Kibana
Building Dashboards with Kibana
Featuring Kibana 5
Configuring Logstash Input
Filtering and Processing Input
Loading Data to Elasticsearch
Discover Using Kibana
Orange and Tango

Chapter 2 : Learning Elasticsearch 5.0
The Course Overview
What Is ElasticSearch?
Installing ElasticSearch
Goal of ElasticSearch
What's New in Version 5.0?
Why Use ElasticSearch?
What Is an Index?
Documents in ElasticSearch
What Is a Cluster?
Setting Shards and Replicas
Adding and Deleting an Index
Adding and Deleting Documents
Using Bulk API
Introduction to REST API
Using REST API to Search
Using REST API to Update
Introduction to DSL
Understanding DSL
Term Queries and Boosting
Range Query
Exist Query
Aggregation Based Analytics
Aggregations: Implementation
Myths about ElasticSearch
What Is ElasticStack?
Preparing for Log Analysis
Running Log Analysis
Sorting in ElasticSearch
Geo Searching
Getting into Synonyms
Choosing between ElasticSearch and Apache Solr