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Learning Path: Spring: Web Applications with Spring and Angular

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Essentials of Spring 5.0 for Developers
The Course Overview
Setting Up a Developer Environment
Creating a Spring Boot Project
Running with Spring Boot
Configuration and Properties
Developer Tools, Debugging, and Hot Swapping
Spring Boot Actuator
Logging in Spring
Spring MVC
REST Documentation with Spring REST Docs and Swagger
Templating with Thymeleaf
Reactive Web
Embedded Servlet Containers
Serialization with Apache Avro, Protocol Buffer, and Thrift
Spring Data JPA and MySQL
Spring Data REST
NoSQL with Spring Data Cassandra and Spring Data Mongo
Spring Data Reactive
Caching with In-Memory and Redis

Chapter 2 : Learning Web Application with Spring 5 and Angular 2
The Course Overview
How to Create an App in Angular 2
Creating an Angular 2 Components
Creating an Angular 2 Service
Managing an Input Field
How to Create a Spring 5 App
Spring Web Reactive
Spring Web MVC
Login Rest Endpoint
Angular 2 Single-Page Application
Login Angular 2 App Using Spring