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Learning Path: SCOM: Managing Infrastructures with Systems Center 2016 Operations Manager

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Getting Started with System Center 2016 Operations Manager
Planning and Designing Your Environment
Operations Manager Components
System Center Operations Manager 2016 Hardware and Software Prerequisites
Installing the Management Group
Additional Management Server Installation
Configuring Management Group Global Settings
Individual Server Options
Installing the Operations Manager Agent
Configuring Individual Settings
Deploying Agents to Other Clients
Discovering Network Devices
Understanding Management Packs
Exploring Management Packs Components
Importing Management Packs
Tuning Management Packs
Application Performance Monitoring Overview
End-to-End Service Monitoring
Creating a Distributed Application
Management Pack Templates
Overview of the Different Consoles
Operations Manager Console Overview
Creating Notification Subscriptions
Using Custom Utilities
Working with Monitors
Optimizing Rules
Operations Manager Components
Common Backup and Restore Scenarios
Backup and Restore Basics
Service Manager Integrations
Data Protection Manager Integration
Orchestrator Integration

Chapter 2 : Advanced System Center 2016 Operations Manager
The Course Overview
Understanding What Management Packs Control
Management Pack Role in Customizing Notifications and Views
Management Pack Tools and Maintenance
Alerts by Management Pack
Groups and Alerts in Operations Manager
Other Alerting Methods
Understanding Run-As Account Distribution
Run-As Account Distribution for Active Directory
SQL Configuration for Monitoring in Operations Manager
Gathering Monitoring Requirements
Application Performance Monitoring
Windows Services
Maintenance Windows
Distributed Application Concepts
Gathering Objects into a Distributed Application
Exporting and Modifying a Distributed Application in Vision
Saving Visio-based Distributed Applications as Web Parts
Built-in Dashboards
Custom Dashboards
Service Level Agreement Dashboards
OMS History and Future
Sending Data to OMS
Adding OMS Solutions
Taking Action against OMS Results
Delegation Concepts
Granting View-Only Access
Granting the Ability to Take Actions against Alerts
Grant Access to APM Information and Details
The Operations Manager Command Shell
Automating Common Administrative Tasks
Real-World PowerShell Examples