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Learning Path: MEAN: Create MEAN Stack Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Learning Full Stack Development
The Course Overview
Installing Node.js and NPM on Your Desktop
Setting Up Node.js and NPM on Linux
Getting a Different Version on Linux
Updating Your NPM Version
Installing and Uninstalling Global Packages
Understanding Global and Local Packages
Declaring NPM Packages with package.json
Version Controlling Packages
What Makes Node.js Different Than Other Server-Side Languages?
The Node.js Hello World
Loading Packages and Using Modules
Configuring a Basic Server
Using http-server as a Quick Server Solution
Starting Up an Express.js Server
Enabling Static Files
Routing with Express
Responding with Static Files
Using Middleware in Express.js
Creating a Middleware in Express.js
Using Express Generator
Installing MongoDB
Creating a Mongo Database
Inserting Collections and Documents
Adding Is Great, But How Do You Find Things?
Finding Complicated Things with Operators
Deleting Documents, Collections, and Databases
MongoDB Driver in Node.js

Chapter 2 : Building Applications with Mean Stack
The Course Overview
Knowing Your Tools
Laying the Foundation
Understanding the Databases
Keeping It Simple: Mocking Out the Data
MongoDB Drivers: Mocking
Mocha Test: Mocking
Introduction to Mongoose
Building Models
Schema Design Principle: Principle of Least Cardinality
Understanding the Mochas
Thinking Functionally
Rest APIs with Express-JS
Building the API
Running the APIs
Best Practices
Understanding Webpack
Building AngularJS Application
Client-Side Routing
Designing Views and Tests
Setting Up Socket.IO