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Learning Path: Elasticsearch and AngularJS: IntraWeb Search

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Introducing AngularJS
The Course Overview
"Angularizing" Your Existing Web Page
Bootstrapping an Angular Application
Defining a Controller
Displaying Data Dynamically
Repeating Content for All Items in a List
Area of Influence of a Controller
Adding Interactions to the Template
Creating Corresponding Controller Logic
Reading Data from the Template
Conditionally Showing/Hiding Elements
Route Declaration and the ng-view Directive
Creating New Routes
Routing with Parameter
Creating Links
Making AJAX Calls via $http
Handling Responses via Success and Error Callbacks
Building GET and POST Requests
Making Cross-domain Requests Using JSONP
Separating the Loading of Data from the Controller
Introducing the "factory" Type of Service
Injecting Your Own Services
Implementing Persistence

Chapter 2 : Building a Search Server with Elasticsearch
Course Objectives
Getting Started
Installing and Configuring Elasticsearch
Ingesting the Initial Document
Assigning Field Types
Advanced Ingestion Topics
Basic Query Types
Specialized Query Types
Combining Queries
Application Structure
Displaying Results
Term Suggestions
Phrase Suggestions
Autocomplete with Results
Relevancy Tuning