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Learning Path: Build PhoneGap Apps with JavaScript & jQuery

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Beginning JavaScript and jQuery
The Course Overview
Introduction to JavaScript
Basic JavaScript Syntax
For Loop
While and Do While Loops
if Statement
Switch Statement
What Is the DOM?
Accessing the DOM
Manipulating the DOM
jquery Fundamentals
Using jQuery: Local Versus CDN
Basic jQuery Example
Accessing the DOM with jQuery
Updating the Elements and Content
Inserting the Elements and Content
Playing with Forms
A Quick Look at Events

Chapter 2 : Getting Started with PhoneGap
The Course Overview
Leveraging Web Technologies
Interfacing with Native Features
Cross Platform
History of PhoneGap
Cordova Versus PhoneGap
How Does PhoneGap Work?
PhoneGap CLI
PhoneGap Build
PhoneGap Desktop/Developer App
Downloading and Installing Node.js –macOS
Downloading and Installing Node.js – Linux
Downloading and Installing Node.js – Windows
Downloading and Installing Xcode
Configuring Xcode
Downloading and Installing Android Studio –macOS
Downloading and Installing Android Studio – Linux
Downloading and Installing Android Studio – Windows
Installing the CLIs
Project Management
Editing config.xml
Investigating the Initial Template
Running on iOS
Running on Android
What Is a Framework?
Choosing a Framework
Our Frameworkl
Designing Filer's User Interface
Designing Filer's Models
Folder Structure and Terms
Supporting Android and iOS Themes
Additional Image Assets 00:06:54
Store and local Storage Adapter
Entity Model
Piece and Text Piece Models
Text Note Model
Notes Model
From Design to View
Writing the JavaScript for Notes
From Design to View
Writing the JavaScript
Wrapping it all up
Demonstration and Ideas for Improvement