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Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7

Video Introducing this tutorial

Object Oriented Programming Concepts :
The Course Overview
How to Think in an Object Oriented Way?
What Is an Object?
Pillars of Object Oriented Programming

Get-set-ready :
Microsoft Visual Studio Editions and Installation
Different Types of Testing in Software Development
Unit Testing and TDD
Unit Test Example: Calculator
Unit Test Example: Calculator (Continued)

Essential Topics of Object Oriented Programming :
Importance of Software Requirement
Classes, Objects, Structures, and Interfaces
Access Modifiers and Properties

Developing a Simple Bank App :
MyBank: Console App
MyBank: Console App (Continued)
MyBank: Unit Test

Important Topics of Object Oriented Programming :
Exception Handling
Events and Delegates

New in C# 7 :
Out Variables

C# 7 Features :
Ref Return and Locals
Pattern Matching
Local Functions

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