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Learning Network Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting to Know Kali Linux :
The Course Overview
Introducing Kali Linux
Getting Familiar with Hardware Requirements and Recommendations
Installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox
Installing Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi
Introducing Kali Linux Interface and Tools
Updating Kali Linux
Networking Fundamentals
Creating a Pen-Testing Lab Environment

Learning the Phases of Pen Testing :
What Is Penetration Testing?
Getting Familiar with Vulnerability Scanning
Gaining and Maintaining Access
Covering Tracks

Using Tools for Reconnaissance :
Gathering Initial Information
Identifying Live Hosts
Discovering Open Ports
Uncovering Services and Fingerprinting the OS

Scanning Vulnerable Systems or Services :
Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS
Vulnerability Scanning with Nessus

Gaining Access :
Exploiting the Target System
Cracking the System Passwords
Post Exploitation
Defensive CounterMeasures