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Learning Linux Device Drivers Development

The Course Overview
Talking about the C Language
Finding a Compiler
Writing Our First Program
Testing the Program We Wrote
Finishing with Basic C Language
Talking about Graphic Drivers
Binding Your Driver to the Graphics Framework
Address Spaces and Creating Rules
Calling Sequence
Update and Upgrade
Standard Developer Tools
Installing VBox Utilities
Install Latest Snap
Getting Pulse Audio
Virtualenvwrapper Installation
Prepare Your System for Building LKMs
Install and Configure Git
The Module Code
Coding the Module
Compiling and Testing
Create Linux Account
Become a Guest Contributor
Ask/Answer Questions
Stay Active in Forums
Compiling and Testing
Find and Create Network Drivers
Become More Experienced with Setup
Testing Network Config
Testing Overall Connection
Saving the Best Config
Advanced IRQ
Multi-Threaded Code
Embedded Memory on Linux
Management Techniques