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PacktPub Learning Linux 5 for System Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Linux Installations:
The Course Overview
Oracle Download and Installations
Downloading Linux Distro
Installing Linux
Updating and Upgrading Linux
Introduction to the Linux Shell

The Linux Command Line:
Installing Vim and nano
Master Command Line Basics
Copying and Moving Files
Working with Files
Working with File Compression (.tar, tar.gz, zip)
Working with Root Permissions

Installing Server:
Downloading a Linux Server
Preparing Installation Media on Oracle
Installing Linux Server
System Administration (Apache Web Server)
Users and Permissions on Linux Server
Securing Linux Server

User and Permissions Management:
Time and Date Manipulations via Terminal
User and Group Management (adduser, addgroup, passwd)
User and Group Management (passwd, userdel, groupdel)
File Permissions (Invoking ls Arguments)
File Permissions (chmod, chown, chgrp)

Linux Shell Scripting:
Exploring the Types of Shells
Choosing the Bash Shell
Writing First Shell Scripting - Part One
Writing First Shell Scripting - Part Two

Secure Shell Administration:
Installing the OpenSSH Client
Downloading and Installing PuTTY
Setting Up SSH Public and Private Keys
Securing Connections with PuTTY
SSH Remote Administration with PuTTY
Debugging SSH Connections

Managing Services:
Controlling Services with systemctl
Creating and Modifying Services
Reading Logs via journalctl
Reading Logs in /var/log
Editing Configuration Files