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Learning GraphQL with React and Relay

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Introduction to GraphQL
GraphQL Versus REST and Relay Versus Apollo
Setting Up the Environment
Schema and Types Required for a Blog
Introduction to GraphiQL
Adding Relay Specification to GraphQL Schema
Queries Backend for a Blog
Mutations Backend for a Blog
Impact of Using Relay on Queries and Mutations
Setting Up the Environment for Frontend
Getting Started with React Router
Connecting Relay to GraphQL Backend
Authentication Strategies with GraphQL
Preparing the GraphQL Backend for Authentication
Connecting the Frontend to GraphQL Authentication API
Relay Connection Specification
Implementing Cursor in GraphQL Backend
Adding Pagination to Frontend by Using PaginationContainer
Why Do We Need Query Batching?
Execution Order of Batched Queries and Mutations
Implementing Batching of Create and Login User Mutation
Setting Up the Environment for Testing
Writing Test Cases for GraphQL Backend
Writing Test Cases for React Frontend

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