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Learn to Write Functional Javascript

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understanding Foundations of Functional Programming :
The Course Overview
The Unbreakable Function
Thinking of Functions in Terms of Their Return Values
How to Identify and Encapsulate Impurities within Our Programs

Abstracting Language Constructs with Higher-Order Functions :
Promoting Reusability with Higher-Order Functions
Replacing Loops with Higher-Order Functions
A Better Way to Map and Filter
Reasoning with Reduce
Rendering UI Components with Higher-Order Functions

Partial Application and Currying :
What Partial Application and Curry Mean?
Improving Higher-Order Functions with Partial Application
Writing a Utility to Curry Functions
Combining Map, Filter, and Reduce with Curried Functions

Working with Data and Stateless Components :
Understanding Mutable and Immutable Data
Simplifying Immutability Using Lenses
Rendering Our Data into the DOM
Using JSX and Virtual-DOM for Readability and Performance

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