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Welcome to the Course
What will be Covered
Tableau Introduction
Understand Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam
Tableau Desktop Installation (Exam Version 2020.1)
Tableau Public Installation
Software Walkthrough

Understanding Tableau Concepts:
Dimensions and Measures
Discrete and Continuous Fields
Aggregation and Granularity
Discrete Date Parts and Continuous Date Values
Ratio Calculations
Manage Data Properties

Exploring and Analyzing Data:
Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Scatter Plots
Maps and Combined Axis Chart
Dual Axis and Stacked Bar
Crosstabs and Highlight Table
Organize Dimensions into a Hierarchy
Add filters and a Context Filter to a view
Add a Date Filter
Custom Dates
Create Groups Using Labels and Visual Groups
Create a Set
Computed and Manual Sorting
Reference and Trend Lines
Table Calculations - Problem Statement
Table Calculations - Concepts
Table Calculations - Scope and Direction
Table Calculations - Rank Calculation
Table Calculations - Percent Total
Create Calculated Fields
Add a Parameter
Use Bins and Histograms

Sharing Insights:
Format View for Presentation
Use Viz Animations
Add Dashboard Actions
Create a Story Using Dashboards or Views

Connecting and Preparing Data:
Tableau Desktop V20 20.1 (Exam Version) Versus Tableau Public
Share a TWBX as a PDF or an Image
Create a Live Connection to a Data Source
Create an Extract
Live Connections Versus Extracts
Save Metadata Properties in a TDS
Cross-Database Joins
Add a Blend
Add a Union

Exam Tips and Tricks:
Tips and Tricks
Take the Help of Software
Manage Multiple Data Connections
Exam Day

Hands-On Quiz to Test the Tableau Knowledge:

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