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PacktPub Learn Swift 5 Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started with Swift:
Course Overview
Setting Up the Development Environment
Simple Data Types in Swift
Using Optionals in Swift
Working with Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets, and Enums
Functions and Closures
Using Structs and Classes
Implementing Protocols and Extensions

Designing the User Interface:
Understanding MVC Design Pattern
Understanding UIKit
Using Auto Layout in Xcode
Adding Views to Storyboard with Constraints
Creating a UITableView with Delegate and DataSource

Integrating Web Service Calls and JSON Parsing:
Discovering How to Make a Web Service Call
Parsing JSON Response
Displaying Response Data on UI
Adding Loading Indicators
Adding Alerts in Your Application

Using CoreLocation Framework:
Understanding CoreLocation
Get User's Location
Updating info.plist
Using CLGeocoder
Error Handling
Efficiency Management

Debugging and Troubleshooting:
Add, Disable, or Delete breakpoints
Edit a breakpoint to add actions
Understanding Debug Bar
Understanding Variables View
Using LLDB Debugger
Troubleshooting Examples

UI Testing:
Record a UITest
Adding Identifiers for UITests
Finding Objects for UITest
Using XCTAssert for Custom Assertions
Checking Code Coverage

Submission to the App Store:
Creating an App Icon
Prepare App Screenshots
Prepare Privacy Policy
Uploading the Build
Submitting with App Review Information
Course Summary