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PacktPub Learn Neo4j Database and Graph Algorithms

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learning Neo4j 3.x :
Course Overview
Basics of Neo4j 3.x
System Requirements
Setting up Neo4j Desktop
Relational DBs VS Graph DBs
Creating Nodes in Neo4j
Creating Relationships between Nodes
Working with Bank Management System
Working with Merge Clause
Working with WRITE Clauses
Working with READ Clause
Optimizing Clauses and Queries
Understanding String Functions
Understanding Mathematical Functions
Writing user-defined Functions
Writing Integration Tests for User-defined function
Implementing the Functions in Project
Understanding Neo4j Admin Panel
Working with Database Backup
Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts
Query and Command Line Tips
Adding Constraints to our Project
What could be next?
Summarizing the Course
Test Your Knowledge

Exploring Graph Algorithms with Neo4j :
The Course Overview
Real-World Examples of Graph Algorithms Applications
Graph Properties
Library Installation
The Shortest Path Algorithm
More about Graph Algorithms Library Principles
Find Shortest Path Between Two Stations
Alternative Algorithms
Finding Alternative Routes
Centrality Detection Principles
The PageRank Algorithm
A Comparison of Other Centrality Detection Algorithm
Influencer Detection
Algorithms Strength and Differences
Building a Real-Time Recommendation Engine
Community-Based Recommendations
Using Similarity Measures
Link Prediction in Neo4j
Machine Learning on Graphs
Conclusions and Perspectives
Test Your Knowledge