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Learn MEAN Stack

Welcome to MEAN :
What We Will Learn
Course Specifics

What Does MEAN mean? :
Section Introduction
Where did MEAN come from?
Our Take On MEAN
MEAN Application Architecture
Section Summary

Node.js & Express :
Section Introduction
How this will go
Course Project intro
Section Summary
Discover Node.js
What are Node.js & Express?
Try Node from Command Line
Set up a Node.js app
Use GIT with
Section Summary
Work With Express
Get Express set up
Create an NPM Start script
Routing with Express
Section Summary
Kickstart a Node Web App
Use a Bootstrap Template
Configuring Resources
Manage UI Components with Bower
Section Summary
Work with Gulp
Use JSHint in Gulp
Inject dependencies with Wiredep
Injection with Gulp-Inject
Watch Changes with Nodemon
Section Summary
Work with Node Templating Engines
Review of Templating Engine Options
Begin with EJS
Put EJS to Work
Section Summary
More Express Routing
Use a Router
New Pages
Separate code into different files
Wire our new pages back to Express & Node
Section Summary
Use a Database with Node.js
Get MongoDB setup and installed
Get Events data ready to be inserted into MongoDB
Write code to insert our data into MongoDB
Query MongoDB and display results in our page
Section Summary
Sub-Course Wrap-Up

Mongo DB :
Welcome to MongoDb
How this will go
Our Hands-On Project
Setup Our Tools
Section Summary
Set Up our Project
Import Data with MongoImport
Use the Mongo Shell
JavaScript in the Mongo Shell
Section Summary
Start with Queries and Operations
Retrieve data with .find()
Create data with .save() & .insert()
Update data with .update()
Deleting data with .remove()
Display User Data in our App
Section Summary
Model New Entities
Rules for Modeling
Simple & Complex Models
Modeling ‘Event’ Data
Let’s use our new knowledge to model the ‘Event’ document for
Section Summary
MongoDb & Indexes
Indexing MongoDb
Using Indexes
Creating Indexes
Section Summary
MongoDb Aggregation Framework
Aggregation Concepts
Pipeline Stages & Operators
Aggregation in our Project
Use our Aggregated Data
Section Summary
Replication & Sharding
What are Replica Sets?
Automated Failover
What is Sharding?
Rules for Sharding data
Section Summary
Our Web App
Our Project’s State
Our app.js file
Our Aggregate Queries
Section Summary
Sub Course Wrap up
Learning Objectives & Project Requirements Review

Angular 2 :
Course Introduction
Say Hello to Angular2
How this course works
The Course Project
Section Summary
Pack Our Lunch
Why TypeScript in Angular2?
Getting the Cloud9 Online IDE
Setting Up the Cloud9 IDE
Setting Up The Course Project
Using Angular 2 Modules
Section Summary
Angular Components
Component Defined
The Component Parts
Tying a Component Together
The App Component
Bootstrapping an Angular2 App
Section Summary
Building Angular2 UI
The Component Template
Create A Template
The Directive Component
Angular2 Built-In Directives
Section Summary
Binding in Angular2
Property Binding
Event Binding
2-Way Binding
Formatting Bound Data with Pipes
Section Summary
Advanced Component Concepts
Interface & Components
Styling Components
Component Lifecycle Events
Pipe Transform Interface
Section Summary
Component Composition
Parent/Child Components
More Parent/Child Components
Property Binding with @Input
Event Binding with @Output
Section Summary
Angular2 Dependency Injection
Creating Services
Using Services
Service Injection
Section Summary
Web Services
Observables vs. Promises
Using Reactive Extensions
HTTP Requests
Implementing Observables
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Routing Configuration
Routes and Actions
Routes and Views
Routes and Parameters
Routes and Code
Section Summary
Setting Up Angular2 from Scratch
Configuring the Compiler
Project Dependencies
Core Libraries
Section Introduction
Review of Concepts

The Real Challenge :
Section Introduction
Angular & Express
Create a MEAN project with Angular-CLI
Make Express MEAN & RESTful
RESTful Local Events in Angular2
Section Summary

MEAN Approaches :
Section Introduction & mean.js
Exchangeable Frameworks
Scaffolding with Yeoman
Section Summary

Course Conclusion :
Section Introduction
What Now?
More comments on MEAN
Thank You

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