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Learn By Example: Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems

Video Introducing this tutorial

You, this course and Us
The Big Data Paradigm
Serial vs Distributed Computing
What is Hadoop?
HDFS or the Hadoop Distributed File System
MapReduce Introduced
YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator
Hadoop Install Modes
Hadoop Standalone mode Install
Hadoop Pseudo-Distributed mode Install
The basic philosophy underlying MapReduce
MapReduce - Visualized And Explained
MapReduce - Digging a little deeper at every step
"Hello World" in MapReduce
The Mapper
The Reducer
The Job
Get comfortable with HDFS
Run your first MapReduce Job
Parallelize the reduce phase - use the Combiner
Not all Reducers are Combiners
How many mappers and reducers does your MapReduce have?
Parallelizing reduce using Shuffle And Sort
MapReduce is not limited to the Java language - Introducing the Streaming API
Python for MapReduce
HDFS - Protecting against data loss using replication
HDFS - Name nodes and why they're critical
HDFS - Checkpointing to backup name node information
Yarn - Basic components
Yarn - Submitting a job to Yarn
Yarn - Plug in scheduling policies
Yarn - Configure the scheduler
Setting up your MapReduce to accept command line arguments
The Tool, ToolRunner and GenericOptionsParser
Configuring properties of the Job object
Customizing the Partitioner, Sort Comparator, and Group Comparator
The heart of search engines - The Inverted Index
Generating the inverted index using MapReduce
Custom data types for keys - The Writable Interface
Represent a Bigram using a WritableComparable
MapReduce to count the Bigrams in input text
Test your MapReduce job using MRUnit
Introducing the File Input Format
Text And Sequence File Formats
Data partitioning using a custom partitioner
Make the custom partitioner real in code
Total Order Partitioning
Input Sampling, Distribution, Partitioning and configuring these
Secondary Sort
Introduction to Collaborative Filtering
Friend recommendations using chained MR jobs
Get common friends for every pair of users - the first MapReduce
Top 10 friend recommendation for every user - the second MapReduce
Structured data in Hadoop
Running an SQL Select with MapReduce
Running an SQL Group By with MapReduce
A MapReduce Join - The Map Side
A MapReduce Join - The Reduce Side
A MapReduce Join - Sorting and Partitioning
A MapReduce Join - Putting it all together
What is K-Means Clustering?
A MapReduce job for K-Means Clustering
K-Means Clustering - Measuring the distance between points
K-Means Clustering - Custom Writables for Input/Output
K-Means Clustering - Configuring the Job
K-Means Clustering - The Mapper and Reducer
K-Means Clustering: The Iterative MapReduce Job
Manually configuring a Hadoop cluster (Linux VMs)
Getting started with Amazon Web Servicies
Start a Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager on AWS
Setup a Virtual Linux Instance (For Windows users)
[For Linux/Mac OS Shell Newbies] Path and other Environment Variables