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Learn Application Development with Spring 5

Introducing Spring 5.0 :
The Course Overview
Choosing an IDE for Spring
Setting Up Maven
Creating a Run Configuration
Running a Spring Application

Working with Spring IoC :
Introducing Spring IoC
Dependency Injection with Annotations
Introduction to the @Component Annotation
Introduction to @Autowired Annotation
Dependency Injection with @Autowired Annotation

Working with Spring Beans :
Introduction to Spring Beans
Creating Spring Beans
Spring Bean Scopes
Spring Bean Lifecycle and Callbacks
Spring Property Files

Spring Data :
Introduction to Spring Data
Spring Data Dependencies
Creating a Data Model
Setting Up a Repository
Reading and Writing the Database

Creating a REST API :
Introduction to Creating REST APIs with Spring
Creating a RestController
Creating Endpoints for Receiving Data
Creating Endpoints for Sending and Deleting Data
Testing the Endpoints

Going Reactive with Spring :
Introduction to Spring Reactive
Creating a Reactive Repository
Creating a Reactive RestController
Course Summary