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Kotlin Fundamentals

First Steps with Kotlin :
The Course Overview
Installing Build Tools and IDE
Hello Kotlin

Kotlin Basics :
Basic Types and Syntax
Organizing Code in Classes and Packages
Enabling Inheritance with Classes and Interfaces
Simplifying Your Code with Functions

Working with Kotlin Objects and Functions :
Choosing Between Open Class and Final Class
Modifying Class Properties with Object Expressions and Companion Objects
Efficient Type Checking with Smart Casts
Exploring Flow Control Statements
Working with String Templates and Multiline Strings
Understanding Referential and Structural Equality

Collections and Streams :
Defining and Accessing Collections
Employing Loops in Your Code
Passing Vararg Parameters
Filtering Your Data
Running Collection Operations – Map/Reduce/Sort
Working with Ranges

Diving into Kotlin’s Functional Aspects :
Working with Extension Functions
Working with Extension Properties
Creating Beautiful APIs Using Lambda with Receiver
Overloading Operators
Working with Generics
Reducing Noise with Infix Function Calls

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