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Jupyter for Data Science

Video Introducing this tutorial

Jupyter concepts
A first look at the Jupyter user interface
Data scraping with a Python notebook
Using heavy-duty data processing functions in Jupyter
Using SciPy in Jupyter
Expanding on panda data frames in Jupyter
Make a prediction using scikit-learn
Make a prediction using R
Interactive visualization
Plotting using Plotly
Creating a human density map
Draw a histogram of social data
Plotting 3D data
Special note for Windows installation
Using Spark to analyze data
Another MapReduce example
Using SparkSession and SQL
Combining datasets
Loading JSON into Spark
Using Spark pivot
How to set up R for Jupyter
R data analysis of the 2016 US election demographics
Analyzing 2016 voter registration and voting
Analyzing changes in college admissions
Predicting airplane arrival time
Reading a CSV file
Reading another CSV file
Manipulating data with dplyr
Sampling a dataset
Tidying up data with tidyr
Visualizing glyph ready data
Publishing a notebook
Creating a Shiny dashboard
Building standalone dashboards
Converting JSON to CSV
Evaluating Yelp reviews
Using Python to compare ratings
Visualizing average ratings by cuisine
Arbitrary search of ratings
Determining relationships between number of ratings and ratings
Naive Bayes
Nearest neighbor estimator
Decision trees
Neural networks
Random forests
Deploying notebooks
Optimizing your script
Monitoring Jupyter
Caching your notebook
Securing a notebook
Scaling Jupyter Notebooks
Sharing Jupyter Notebooks
Converting a notebook
Versioning a notebook

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