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JavaScript by Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

First Look :
The Course Overview
What We Are Going to Build?
Representing Questions as JSON
Essentials of DOM, How to Access It Via JavaScript?
Creating DOM Elements in JavaScript Dynamically
Projecting the Questions in the View

Designing Your Page :
What Is Meant by Semantic?
Making the View Semantic Using HTML5
Sketching the Rough Layout Using HTML5 Tags
Changing Our HTML to Semantic
Projecting Answers as Radio Group Elements

Making the Page Interactive :
Lets Dive into Events
Listening for Events in JavaScript
Gentle Introduction to Callbacks
Creating Check Answer Button
Displaying Information to the User

Adding Features :
Extending to Multichoice Question
Using Array filter Function
Dive into Higher-Order Functions
Projecting Answers as Checkbox Elements
Preventing Refresh

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