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Java Apps with Cloud9 on App Engine

Video Introducing this tutorial

Google App Engine for Java :
The Course Overview
Google App Engine for Java (GAE/J)
What Is GAE/J?
Why Use It?
How Can I Get It?
How Do I Use it? and Section Summary

Developing with Cloud9 and GAE/J :
Features and Benefits of Cloud9
How Do These Services Fit Together?
Why Use These Services Together?
Full Life Cycle Really? and Section Summary

App Engine and the Google Cloud Platform :
App Engine within GCP
Scaling the App Engine
Provisioning and Resource Usage
GCP Resource Integration

App Engine Mechanics :
Instance Lifecycles on App Engine
App Engine Services
The Google Cloud Datastore
Cloud Endpoints

Hands On: Developing for App Engine :
GCP/Cloud9 Integration
A Java App Engine Application
Developing for the Datastore
Implementing Cloud Endpoints
Application Deployment

Integrating App Engine Features :
Implementing MemCache
Understanding Task Queues
Authentication on App Engine
Versioning Application Instances
Course Summary