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Iterators in Functional Programming with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Using a List – Mutable Sequences of Elements with a Fixed Order
Using a Tuple – Immutable Sequences of Elements with a Fixed Order
Using a Dict – Mutable, Key-value Mappings Without a Fixed Order
Using a Set – Immutable Collections of Unique Elements Without a Fixed Order
Unpacking Iterators by Assigning to Multiple Variables
What Is an Iterator?
Creating Your Own Iterator
Exploring Generators
Lazy Evaluation
Coroutines –Implementing Concurrency through Generators
Convenience Iterators – The Collections Module
List Comprehensions
Dict Comprehensions
Generator Expressions
Nested Comprehensions
Using Convenience Functions
Using Numerical and Logical Functions
The Itertools Module
The Functools Module
A Functional, Iterator-Based, Interactive Calculator
Recognize the Most Suitable Programming Technique for the Job
Sensible Interactive Calculator Built with Various Programming Techniques

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