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PacktPub iOS13 Online Shop Application Build an e-Market

Video Introducing this tutorial

001.Download XCode
002.Installing CocoaPods

2.Starting the Project:
003.Creating the tab bar controller
004.Creating the collection view controller and cell
005.Custom collection view cell class
006.Creating a Firebase application
007.Creating a Firebase reference

3.Category Class:
008.Category class part 1
009.Category class part 2
010.Downloading categories from Firebase

4.Category Collection View:
011.Category collection view controller
012.Category collection view cell
013.Auto-resize the collection view cell
014.Fixing the UI bug
015.Importing assets

5.Items View Controller:
016.Items view user interface
017.Segueing from categories to items view

6.Items Class:
018.Items class part 1
019.Items class part 2

7.Adding the Item View Controller:
020.Adding the item view controller UI
021.Adding item VC code part 1
022.Adding the item VC code part 2
023.Adding the image gallery
024.Uploading images to Firebase part 1
025.Uploading images to Firebase part 2
026.Saving items with images
027.Show the loading indicator
028.Testing error message

8.Items View Controller:
029.The tem view controller UI
030.Download the items function
031.Load items in the item table view cell
032.Download and show images
033.Currency converter

9.The Item Details View:
034.The item view UI
035.Item view controller code
036.Setting up segue
037.Creating the image collection view cell
038.Testing the app
039.Custom image collection view cell
040.Showing images of the item
041.Automatically resize the image view cell
042.The back button and basket button

10.Shopping Basket:
043.Basket class part 1
044.Basket class part 2
045.Creating a basket
046.Updating the basket function
047.The basket view UI
048.Basket code part 1
049.Showing the total of the basket
050.Updating the checkout button status
051.Deleting an item from the basket
052.Showing the item view from basket

11.Login View:
053.The login view UI
054.The login view connections
055.Showing the login view
056.The MUser class part 1
057.The MUser class part 2
058.The MUser class part 3 login_reg functions
059.The login view setup
060.Login view helper functions
061.The register user function
062.Registering the 1st user
063.Login with users
064.Verifying email addresses
065.Saving the user functions
066.Downloading user functions
067.Creating an user object in Firestore
068.Resetting password
069.Resending the verification email
070.Carrying out a test run for resetting the password
071.The profile view UI
072.The profile table view
073.Creating a dynamic right button for profile view
074.Checking the onboarding status
075.Onboarding UI
076.Finishing the registration view
077.Updating the done button status
078.Editing MUser functions
079.Updating a user after onboarding
080.Editing the profile UI
081.Editing the profile view part 1
082.Editing the profile view part 2
083.Logging out users
084.The purchase history UI
085.Purchase history code
086.Updating with the current user id
087.Purchase history and empty basket functions
088.Adding items to the purchase items list

089.Initialising PayPal
090.Configuring PayPal payments
091.Creating PayPal payment
092.Testing first payment with the PayPal SDK

13.Search View:
093.The search view UI
094.Search view connections
095.Enabling the search button dynamically
096.Show_hide for the search view
097.Adding activity indicators
098.Table view functions
099.Setting up Algolia
100.Creating the Algolia service
101.Creating Algolia items
102.Searching in Algolia
103.Test runs for the Algolia search
104.Adding the empty data set
105.More on empty data sets
106.Checking ready applications

14.Adding Stripe Payment Option:
107.Introduction to Stripe
108.Installation and setup of Stripe
109.Creating Stripe client
110.Converting PayPal to Stripe
111.Testing the app
112.Card information UI
113.Presenting the card info view
114.Adding a card info text field
115.Processing a card to get token
116.Testing card processing
117.Installing a backend
118.Creating an index.js file
119.Finishing the backend and testing the app
120.Putting the backend on a remote server