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Introduction to Kubernetes using Docker

Course Introduction :
Structure of the Course
Course Agenda

Getting Started :
Evolution of Application
Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
Creating a Free Google Cloud Account
World of Microservices
What is a Container
What is Docker?
Installing Virtual Box
Installing Docker
Docker Hub
What is Kubernetes
What is Google Cloud Shell
Google Container Engine

Working With Docker :
Deep Dive Into Architecture
Installing Apps with Native OS Tools
Running Images with Docker
Docker Hub Pull Images
Create Own Images Using Docker

All About Kubernetes :
Kubernetes Revisited
Creating a New Project
Creating Cluster
Kubernetes User Interface
Deploying App to Cluster
Push Images Container Registry

Real-World Projects :
Creating Cluster GuestBook
Deploying Redis Master
Deploying Redis Master Service
Deploying Redis Slave Controller
Deploying Redis Slave Service
Deploying Front End
Deploying External IP
Project Cleanup
Project Summary

Conclusion :
Course Conclusion

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