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Introduction to JVM Languages – Clojure, Kotlin, and Groovy

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Installing Clojure
Clojure's Interactive Shell (REPL) and Language
Working with Java Classes
Managing States with Agents
The Counterclockwise Plugin for Eclipse IDE
Leiningen's Build Tool
Creating Executable Programs in Clojure
Creating a New Counterclockwise Project
Exploring Monads by Applying Test-Driven Development
The Luminus Web Framework
Installing Kotlin
Kotlin's REPL Interactive Shell
Kotlin Language Fundamentals
OOP and Procedural Programing in Kotlin
Kotlin for the Eclipse IDE Plugin
Apache Maven
Creating a JavaFX Desktop GUI Application
Installing Groovy
Groovy Language and Development Kit
Dynamic and Static Programming
Installing the Groovy Eclipse Plugin
Apache Ivy and IvyDE
Creating and Configuring the Project
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Generating XML Using MarkupBuilder
The Vert.x microservice Platform

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