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Internet of Things with Python and Raspberry Pi

The Course Overview
Exploring IoT Smart Devices and Architecture
Hardware Considerations and Communication Models
Exploring Raspberry Pi 3
Getting Started with First IoT Project
Integrating Sensors
Concluding Project 1
IoT Communication Protocols
Internet Security and Cryptography
HTTPS and SSL/TLS Protocols
Getting Started with PubNub
Designing Project Architecture
Integrating Python PubNub on Raspberry Pi
Integrating Python PubNub on Web-App
Setting Up AWS Cloud and Running Apache Server on Custom Domain
Deploying IoT Flask Application on Apache Server
Securing Custom Domain
Secure User Login
Database Integration
Creating Rules for Admin and Non-Admin Users
Grant Read/Write Permissions for Users
Implementing `Add New Device` Feature
Project Specifications and Circuit Diagram
Integrating Sensors with Raspberry Pi
Real-Time Charts in Dashboard