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Hands-On Parallel Programming with C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0

Introduction to Parallel Programming in .NET Core :
The Course Overview
Introduction to Parallel Programming
Parallel versus Async
.NET Core versus Full .NET Platform

Running Code in Parallel with "Task Parallel Library (TPL)" :
Tasks in .NET Core
Task versus Facade
Waiting for a Task
Returning a Value from a Task
Composing Tasks

Exceptions Handling in Parallel Code :
Handling Exceptions
Cancelling a Task
Race Condition

Performing Parallel Operations with "Parallel LINQ" (PLINQ) :
PLINQ and Its Applications
Common Scenarios
PLINQ Query Performance
Identifying Potential Pitfalls

Data Structures for Parallel Programming :
Purpose and Implementation of Data Structures
Concurrent Dictionary
Concurrent Queue and Concurrent Stack
Concurrent Bag
Async Streams in C# 8