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Hands-On Auto DevOps with GitLab CI

The Course Overview
Automated DevOps with GitLab CI
Integrating Kubernetes and GitLab CI
DevOps with Zero Configuration
Creating GitLab CI Configuration
Building and Testing with Docker
Build Stages, Artifacts, and Dependencies
Running Build Steps in Parallel
Speeding Up Builds with Cache
Defining Artifacts
Using Artifacts in Future Stages
Passing Variables to Builds
Declaring Deployment Environments
Kubernetes Application Resources
Deploying an Application to Kubernetes
Deploy Tokens and Image Pull Secrets
Dynamic Environments and Review Apps
Integration and Functional Testing
Analysing 4.6 Code Quality
Dynamic Application Security Testing
Application Metrics Collection
Application Monitoring with Prometheus
Launching Dedicated Runners
Automating Runner Deploymen
Autoscaling Runners Using Cloud Resources
Custom Kubernetes Runners
Private GitLab Server Install

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