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Hands-On Amazon Redshift for Data Warehousing

The Course Overview
Do We Still Need a Data Warehouse?
Data Technologies Compared: Relational, Data Warehouse, NoSQL, and Big Data
Providing Business Intelligence on Internet-Scale Data
Cloud-Native Data Warehousing
Launching a Redshift Data Warehouse on AWS
Launching a Redshift Data Warehouse Using Cloudformation
Redshift Technology Deep Dive: Columnar Filesystem
Redshift Technology Deep Dive: Massively Parallel Processing
Sourcing Appropriate Data Sets
Ingesting Various Sizes of Data Set into Redshift
Connecting to and Querying the Data Warehouse
Redshift Technology Deep Dive: Query Caching
Ingesting Enormous Volumes of Data by Copying Directly from S3
Optimizing Redshift Data Types for Query Performance at Scale
Evenly Distributing Data Across Your Cluster to Improve Filters and Joins
Exploratory Analytics for Disconnected Data
Loading a Disconnected Dataset
Glue Data Catalog - Creating a Schema for the External Dataset
The BI Use Case for Data Warehousing
Introducing Amazon Quicksight
What Is Spice and How Can It Be Used to Accelerate Analysis?
Loading Data into SPICE