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Go Standard Library Solutions

Video Introducing this tutorial

Handling Strings, Bytes, and Runes :
The Course Overview
Output Formatting with the fmt Package
Input Scanning with the fmt Package
Manipulating Strings and Bytes with the Strings and Bytes Packages
Converting to and from Strings with the strconv Package
Working with Regular Expressions Using the regexp Package

Build Tools, I/O, and Error Handling :
Get Comfortable with the Go Build Tools
Interact with the Environment through the flag and os Packages
Perform File and Directory Manipulation with the os, io, and path Packages
Always Handling Our Errors and Using the Errors Package

Math, Time, Archives, and Images :
Let's Do Some Math
Working with Time
Archives and Compression

Web Server and Clients :
Build a Simple Server with Net/Http
Writing Robust HTTP Clients

Building REST and JSON APIs :
Handling JSON Input and Output
Data Storage and Retrieval
Testing with the Testing Package

Concurrency :
Concurrency Patterns

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