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Getting Started with QlikView

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Introducing QlikView
Exploring Data with QlikView
The Technology and the Components Behind QlikView
What Is New in QlikView 12 for Developers?
Preparing the Workspace
Creating the App
Creating the Dashboard Tab
Using ODBC and OLEDB Drivers
Extracting Data – Two Hands-On Examples
Loading a Table File
Working with QVD and QVX Files
The Table Viewer Window
Understanding and Changing the Sheet’s Properties
Setting the Object Properties
Working with Listboxes
The Current Selection Box
Aligning and Resizing Sheet Objects
Creating and Applying a Default Color Map
User Types
Creating the Analysis Sheet
Creating the New Dashboard
Creating the Report Sheet
The Script Editor and Script Statements
Manipulating Tables
Dealing with Different Data types
Debugging Script
Standardizing and Organizing Script
Re-Using Scripts
Managing File Locations and Connection Strings

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